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Protect Your Phone At Festivals This Summer

If you’re off to a festival this summer, you will have a checklist of things to bring with you – sunscreen, toilet tissue, baby wipes, warm clothing, alcohol, a tent, your tickets, but what about your smart phone?

Sometimes, just remembering to take it with you can seem like all you need to do. And if you can manage to pack some sort of charging device, you’ve done quite well.

But have you thought about the care and attention it needs whilst you’re there?

Your smart phone is probably the most expensive thing you carry around with you on a daily basis. And says it is certainly the most vulnerable.

Here’s what you can do to try and minimize the damage to your number one asset!


Losing your phone is a risk at any time, but that risk increases considerably when you take it away to a festival.

You will be having fun and not necessarily watching its every movement. But someone else could be!

Don’t allow a thief to get into your phone, by locking the screen with a password.


However, if you do genuinely lose your device, it can be a problem if the person who finds it, can’t get into it, to return it.

To get around this, you can put your contact information on the locked screen.

This might be done by adding a label with the information on it, to a photo of your choice. Then going into settings and choosing wallpaper, or themes. Then you can upload it to your locked screen.


Just like people, phones can overheat and get too much sun. And just like people, they can have a funny turn when this happens.

If your phone is too hot to hold, then it’s probably dangerously overheating and it’s time to cool it down.

Believe it or not, you can actually fan your phone, until its temperature drops!


You will need to take a charger with you, but take care what you select.

Some of the cheaper devices may cause damage to the phone’s motherboard and can also cause a power surge.

If you can do, take the cable which was supplied with your phone or find a genuine replacement.

Also, maximise your phone’s life by putting it on low power whilst you are away. This could be helpful if finding somewhere to charge it up is going to be problematic.

If the weather is on your side, you could use this to your advantage and invest in a solar phone charger!


You might get lucky at a festival, but your phone probably won’t.

A waterproof case, a plastic bag, a phone condom (these are real!) – there are many ways of protecting your smart phone from the rain and um any liquids it might come into contact with, during the festival season.

Your phone really doesn’t want to go swimming this summer and especially not in some smelly festival toilet!


Try and remember to put down your smart phone occasionally.

Although you want to stay in touch and to video memorable events as they happen, it can come at the expense of living in the moment.

Maybe just put the phone away and enjoy the experience of music for a couple of hours?


Finally, consider giving your smart phone the summer off. You could simply leave your expensive phone behind, in safety, whilst you take a cheap replacement with you.

It’s possible to pick up a simple phone, very inexpensively just to do the absolute basics, while you are away.

It might offer the peace of mind you need, so that you can get back to enjoying your festival!

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