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Why Rice Isn’t The Magic Dish For Your Wet Phone

You have probably heard it about a million times. If your mobile phone device falls into water this summer break, then you should head to the kitchen and find the biggest bag of rice you can do.

Unfortunately, as most professional and amateur smartphone technicians know, this might not be the miracle cure that you’re hoping for.

But you’ve heard the stories. Maybe even “seen” the evidence for yourself. Or so you think.

Because the chances are that if you have “revived” a phone by placing it in a bag of basmati rice, that is was probably okay to start with. Or that it is still going to die at some point down the line.

In other words, it didn’t damage it any further. Hopefully.

The bad news is, that sticking a dripping wet phone into a bag of uncooked rice could actually do it more harm than good. A lot more harm.

Independent tests have shown that uncooked rice is actually one of the worst things to throw at your poor soaking phone, after it has been for its impromptu swimming lesson in your toilet bowl.

Even kitty litter and silica gel performed better. And that is NOT an endorsement of either of these “fixes” either!

We really wouldn’t advocate putting your device in anything at all.


If you are going to dry it – and we’re not sure that you should do – then best thing you can do is try and dry it off with something like a hairdryer. That is before you get it to a professional to deal with it properly.

Blowing and vacuuming the phone (take care) might help dry it off. As does shaking, drying and placing it in front of a fan.

Simply using a sponge, to absorb the water might help as well. But treating your beleaguered smartphone your supper probably isn’t on the list of things to do.

And even if it still seems to have been unaffected, the component parts are probably corroding away and need to be treated, promptly.


Before, we said “if you want to dry it”. This is because not everyone is convinced that you even should dry the phone, at this point.

What you want to do is to get the water out properly first, which is not quite the same thing.

The problem with just drying is it could leave a residue, which will cause pain to the components, later down the line.

So what’s the answer?

For many an amateur (and professional) tech head, the solution is to use rubbing alcohol (90% plus isopropyl) and taking a toothbrush to it.

Yes, it is a leap of faith, but you need to submerge the entire motherboard in the alcohol and give it the scrub of its life.

At this point, there’s not much to lose and your warranty already became invalidated the minute you sent your phone off on its snorkeling adventures.

For those of you not brave enough to get your phone drunk, we suggest getting it to a repair shop ASAP!

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